The Political Wing is headed by Additional Secretary (Political). Officers in the wing include Deputy Secretary (Political), Section Officer (Police), Section Officer (Afghan Refugees), Section Officer (Narcotics, Media & Foreigners), and Section Officer (Levis). This wing performs the following activities:

1. Matters under Police Order 2002 and amendments therein.

2. Arrest of accused through Interpol.

3. Police award/ Re- ward cases.

4. Establishment of Federal levies in District Dir Lower, Chitral Border Police, Kohat levies and Malakand levies.

5. Provision of the Police Guard to Private Bodies, Semi Government Bodies and recovery of dues thereof.

6. Establishment of Check Posts in Malakand Division and PATA

7. All matters related to Afghan Refugees

8. Matter in respect of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

9. ICRC Delegation visits in Judicial Lockups of KP.

10. All matters related to Narcotics, Media & Foreigners.

11. Matters of Federal Levies